New 'greenhouse' development to feature conference facilities

Conference facilities will be included in a new eco-friendly 'greenhouse' complex being developed in Leeds, reports

Developed by Citu, the greenhouse complex will be powered by a variety of different renewable energy forms including onsite and offsite wind turbines, ground source heat pumps and solar panels. Buildings will be fully insulated to prevent the release of greenhouse gases from the heating system.

In addition to advanced office spaces spanning 1,400 sq m, the greenhouse will seek to further reduce its carbon footprint by utilising video-conferencing and virtual networks for business use, while over 170 new homes and amenities will be similarly sustainable.

Chris Thompson, director at Citu, told the website: "The commencement of construction operations are a testament to the success and continued belief of our partners, suppliers and funders to this ambitious and exciting project."

The new complex has been designed to reduce utility expenses, water usage and carbon dioxide emissions while also levelling focus onto recycling and electric transportation.

Virtual networks are considered one way to reduce carbon footprints in the conferencing sector as they lead to less delegate travel.

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