New industry alliance launched

The Events Industry Alliance (EIA) has been launched by a cross section of event organisers, venues and contractors. The Alliance will be the marketing arm for the exhibitions and events industry, tasked with telling business leaders and media planners about the huge prospects for business growth through the medium of ‘Face to Face Marketing, and increasing recognition in Government of the considerable value of the industry to the UK economy. The EIA is the culmination of a partnership between the associations of exhibition organisers (AEO), event venues (AEV) and exhibition contractors (AEC); three bodies that have increasingly worked together to speak with one powerful voice for the industry. “Many companies are turning away from traditional marketing campaigns involving advertising and junk mail and are looking for new ways to engage with their customers and prospects,” says EIA group chief executive, Trevor Foley. “Exhibitions and live events provide the perfect environment for face to face or permission marketing, but are too often overlooked. We want to raise the profile of this increasingly significant medium. Clients and brands are increasingly telling us that they wish to achieve engagement and connectivity with their customers and prospects. Getting face to face delivers.”

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