New Leeds venue to make a statement in business and culture

A new Leeds venue, to be known as the Leeds Arena, is set to be built in the city in a bid to attract both music stars and businesses, reports Yorkshire Post.

The arena will have a 12,500-person capacity and is expected to benefit the local economy to the tune of nearly £30 million every year. While Leeds City Council, which has decided to foot the development bill, intends to attract the biggest touring music stars in the world, the arena will also offer a conference venue to businesses up and down the country.

Gary Verity, chief executive of the Yorkshire Tourist Board, told the paper: "It will allow the city to host world-class conferences and events on a scale never seen before in West Yorkshire."

Mr Verity added that the expected boost to the local economy would be welcome, while the arena would also be a source of pride in both the city of Leeds and the surrounding region.

Telegraph & Argus reports that Bradford Council has applied for government funding to develop a new swimming pool and ice rink.

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