NewcastleGateshead going green

NewcastleGateshead has unveiled a new initiative to actively encourage CarbonNeutral conferencing. “We are working closely with CarbonNeutral North East, a charity which is helping make the region a carbon-free zone. Together, we are encouraging conference organisers to make their events as green as possible,” explains Jessica Roberts, head of business tourism for NewcastleGateshead Convention Bureau. “We are encouraging conference organisers and delegates to reduce their pollution and then offset the impact of their travel to NewcastleGateshead by donating money through the CarbonNeutral North East charity. This money is used to balance out carbon emissions by investing in local schemes, including home insulation and renewable energy. We will also be encouraging delegates to consider their carbon footprint during their stay in NewcastleGateshead, by reminding them to turn down the temperature in their hotel for example and to use public transport to get out and about rather than resorting to their cars”

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