Partnership boosts venue-finding aid

Canadian event industry software provider Cast Software has plans to form a strategic alliance with Parrimark Technology to increase efficiency in "meeting": and events procurement for venues.

The partnership will combine Parrimark’s successful flagship product Events Perfect with Cast Software’s revolutionary application Vivien, a 3D event design and sales package, currently considered the most powerful and comprehensive tool available to event and "meeting": professionals.

According to Parrimark, the partnership will “further advance the procurement chain and aid venues by providing an online facility that allows buyers to not only establish the availability of venues but its suitability in terms of layout and size”.

Commenting on the strategic alliance, Michael Scroop, chief executive and founder of Parrimark, commented: “This partnership will be great news for us. The cutting-edge software that will be available will aid clients in managing their "meetings": and events as efficiently as possible, adding immense value to their products and services. For Parrimark, the alliance has the additional benefit of providing the opportunity for us to break into the US events market, something we are really keen to do.”

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