Prime Minister ‘Applauds UK Events Industry’

David Cameron has once again added his support to Britain for Events. In a letter sent to the campaign the Prime Minister “applauded the work carried out by the UK events industry and in promoting Britain.”

The Prime Minister is the latest in a number of ministers within Government to support the UK event industry’s self promotional campaign. The initiative continues to benefit from the support of Nick de Bois MP, Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Events and John Penrose, Minister for Tourism & Heritage.

Mr Cameron’s comments are well timed ahead of the campaign’s government briefing on Events in the Community, taking place at the House of Commons on 5th September and expected to be attended by over 20 other Members of Parliament as well as Governmental policy makers.

“Once again we thank the Prime Minister for his endorsement of the campaign and the UK events industry in general.” comments Michael Hirst, Britain for Events spokesperson. “2012 has seen constant praise for the quality of our industry, yet more than ever we need the support of government at both a local and national level.”

Mr Cameron was also keen to praise the industry on its support for the GREAT campaign which he called “… a big success, not least because of the (events industry’s) valuable contribution.”

Hirst concluded, “Our relationship with VisitBritain, No.10 and the GREAT promotion has helped bring to life how, sitting across traditional tourism markets and business, innovation and skills, events as an industry can deliver for UK plc.”

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