Research finds creative thinking event planners are in the minority

London & Partners has released research indicating that just 39% of event planners are right-brained creative thinkers.

The study, carried out by the capital’s convention bureau, used the theory from Nobel Prize-winning psychobiologist Roger Sperry, who maintained that the brain was split into two halves, right for creativity and left for logic. The findings demonstrated that, despite a belief that they have a creative approach, only 39% of event organisers – from a sample of 400 - are right-brained thinkers.

London & Partners teamed up with MICEBOOK, an online directory where MICE buyers can connect with suppliers, to put the industry’s brains to the test. It’s claimed the study highlights the need for event planners to push themselves to ‘embed creativity in their workplaces’.

Tracy Halliwell, director of major events and business tourism at London & Partners, spoke about the reasons for carrying out the study: “In our industry creativity and innovation is growing ever more important. The experience is now what drives the event, but it’s only by combining pioneering ideas with concrete solutions that we can truly surprise and delight.”

The research also revealed that while 53% of event professionals feel under pressure to deliver pioneering events, less than a third believe risk-taking is encouraged by their organisation.

Matthew Margetson, creative director at Smyle, commented: “Creativity comes from a state of mind within a business. A rational approach is key to successful events, but carving out time to think creatively will reap rewards for events both large and small.”

Chetan Shah, founder of, said: “Whether someone is left or right-brained, their attributes and strengths should be encouraged and nurtured, to ensure their events are spectacular, both rationally and emotionally.”

Love the Event, Love the Experience, a campaign launched this week by London & Partners, was inspired by the fact that event planners need to combine both left and right-brain thinking to do their job effectively.

Tracy Halliwell explained: “Event planners will always consider rational factors when organising an event, but they’re also human so emotion will also influence. Love the Event, Love the Experience uses this insight to provide planners with the tools they need to deliver the rational side of an event, whilst showcasing the innovation within London that can really wow audiences."

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