RHH refurb complete

It was a busy summer for the Royal Horticultural "Halls":http://www.venues.org.uk/searchresults.asp and "Conference Centre":http://www.venues.org.uk/searches/conference_centres_venues.asp with the completion of a £1.2m refurbishment.

First was the Lawrence Hall which had its facilities upgraded with a new PA and blackout and blind systems along with improved soundproofing.

The Lindley Hall, meanwhile was fitted with a completely new PA system.

Both halls were also kitted out with new state-of-the-art flexible partition dividers and staging as well as new flexible intelligent light systems.

While all this was going on the Conference Centre was given a new design complete with new carpet, furniture and AV and technical facilities. This upgrade follows ten years in which the Conference Centre has seen remarkable growth.

“It was a hectic couple of months for everyone here but once the work was finished we saw how it had all been well worth it,” says Sales and Marketing Director, Maugie Lyons. “The feedback from existing customers has been excellent and we can’t wait to show new clients just how exciting their events can be thanks to our new facilities.”

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