Set a theme for a conference to create a buzz

Businesses organising a conference should set a theme for the event and promote it to instil excitement in delegates, according to one hotel group.

One of the premier Leeds venues for conference and banqueting, Weetwood Hall, says that a theme can set the tone for the day and recommends advertising the motif in registration forms and confirmation letters.

Weetwood Hall also suggests that event organisers plan a variety of activities for the day to keep delegates engaged with the meeting.

"People learn and work in different ways and participants may get more out of a conference if you tailor their experience to their own needs," it says.

Suggestions for different types of activity include lecture sessions, workshops and social events.

Guests should also have time to relax throughout the day, Weetwood Hall advises.

The venue recently revealed that it is aiming to profit from the 2012 Olympics with its extensive sporting facilities, which Weetwood Hall's general manager, Peter Chubb, said could provide a training base.

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