Sir Terry Wogan receives honorary degree ahead of this year’s TOGs Convention at Leicester Conferences, University of Leicester

The University of Leicester once again gave a warm welcome to a regular visitor, Sir Terry Wogan who returned in July to receive his honorary degree of Doctor of Laws.

The 71 year-old popular broadcaster and presenter posed for pictures as he was robed and told crowds that he was “thrilled” to receive such an honour.

Before the ceremony, he said: "I owe more to the university than it owes to me. I am substantially humbled because people like me don't deserve degrees."

“The University of Leicester has been the generous and hospitable host for some years to me and my loyal listeners, for the three-day Mardi Gras that is the TOGS’ CONVENTION.”

Speaking on the occasion of his last visit to the University at the TOGs Convention, Sir Terry said: “What is memorable about Leicester is the kind of welcome you get from the University for the TOGs. That is why they keep coming back.”

“I would like to have been a student here - it looks like a really nice campus. I am not being sycophantic, but the University of Leicester has a very good reputation. I am deeply honoured to have been offered an Honorary Doctor of Laws. I will, of course, now demand a certain amount of respect”

Vice-Chancellor Professor Sir Robert Burgess said: “Sir Terry Wogan is a brilliant broadcaster who has touched many people's lives over a long and distinguished career. We are proud of his connection with the University of Leicester and delighted to be associated with some of his charitable work. It is very appropriate for the University to award him with an Honorary Doctor of Laws degree.”

Norman Macintosh, the main organiser for the TOGS said: “We are over the moon with the announcement of the Honorary Doctorate. It is a very nice gesture for Sir Terry who, I think, has more of an affiliation for Leicester than for some other places. He enjoys the time at the University, and he says they look after us very well. It’s a lovely honour to give him.”

The TOGs Convention will once again return for the sixth time to the University in September where they will celebrate their remarkable charity work for Children in Need and to launch the 2011 TOGs Celebrity Calendar.

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