SIV Conferencing and Events rated safest in UK!

Two of the venues in the SIV Conferencing and Events brand have been hailed as the safest in the country following a leisure industry assessment.

The venues, operated by Sheffield International Venues (SIV), received the top scores in the QLM's Leisuresafe certification scheme, which is carried out on venues across the UK.

City Hall - Sheffield scored 90 per cent, and the English Institute of Sport - Sheffield achieved a rating of 88 per cent.

The rigorous assessments, conducted by a health and safety specialist take between one and two days, and are designed to give a measurable indication of how venues perform in relation to industry standards and current legislation.

SIV commissioned Institute of Sport and Recreation Management (ISRM) consultants to conduct the assessments as part of it continuous improvement programme. All 12 of the SIV facilities inspected scored between 81 and 90 per cent.

ISRM managing consultant, Jill Franks, said: "We were particularly impressed by the commitment to high standards of performance and strong operational management systems in place for customer and staff safety at SIV."

Dominic Stokes, General Manager of SIV Conferencing and Business Events, said: “It goes without saying that every organiser and delegate deserves to take part in their event in the most secure surroundings. The health and safety of all our guests has always been the primary objective and this audit process merely confirms our commitment to those guests to ensure they can concentrate on what they should be doing, making the most out of their event in our venues”

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