Sodexo Prestige introduce unique 'Sales Toolkit'

Sodexo Prestige Venues & Events, catering and hospitality partner to several of the UK’s most esteemed venues, has launched the innovative new 'Sales Toolkit' as part of their constant drive to ensure high standards and consistency for clients.

The toolkit, pioneered in Scotland by National Accounts Director, Amanda Brown, is designed to improve the level of support and guidance for sales managers at venues and provide all of the sales training needed without the use of external training courses.

The Toolkit, which is believed to be an industry first, is underpinned by Sodexo’s core competency framework and is aligned with sales key performance indicators. It will act as a step-by-step guide for sales managers on how to fully plan and deliver the results expected by clients.

Furthermore, the new Sales Toolkit will act as a coaching manual for all sales managers, who are required to train and develop their teams to the highest standard.

The creator of the new toolkit, Amanda Brown, commented: “Ultimately, the main objective of the Sales Toolkit is to develop a high performing sales team within Sodexo Prestige to support our clients’ venues.

“The new Toolkit is a tailored resource for all conference and events sales managers within Sodexo Prestige and recognises the complexity and diversity of our business.

“We are committed to the training and development of our sales teams, and so ultimately we are hoping the Sales Toolkit will encourage succession planning and help managers spot talent and potential within their teams.

“The new resource is in place to encourage development of sales teams as a whole, as well as individual performance improvement, through proactive sales drivers and continuous measurement of results.”

Sodexo Prestige’s general managers at each venue throughout the UK will receive an ‘Executive Summary’ – a condensed version of the Sales Toolkit – to help ensure maximum support for sales managers.

Yoon Chang, Sales, Marketing and Strategy Director for Sodexo Prestige said: “The Toolkit is an inspired idea and has allowed us to create a sales strategy that fits well within the diversity of our Prestige Venues & Events portfolio.

“This means that regardless of whether a venue is a football stadium, racecourse, visitor attraction or any other unique site, the Sales Toolkit can accommodate each venue to ensure we deliver positive results on a day to day basis, as well as allowing us to develop and stretch our sales teams to their full potential.

“We intend for the Sales Toolkit to act as a blueprint for the standard and quality that we, at Sodexo Prestige, expect of our sales teams across the UK and we truly believe it will further drive pro-active selling and help grow our clients’ top-line in this competitive market.”

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