Stoke Mandeville Stadium ‘belts up’ fitness monitoring for the local community

Stoke Mandeville Stadium has teamed up with MYZONE to provide an innovative fitness monitoring scheme to all members of the local community. The new product aims to ‘make movement measurable’ by monitoring physical activity.

The physical activity belt, which is available to buy by members and non-members from Stoke Mandeville Stadium, can store 18 hours of movement monitoring allowing users to measure performance both in and out of the gym environment. The scheme also includes MYZONE Effort Points, which monitors user’s personal effort levels, making the product ideal for people who are new to the gym and are looking to record their fitness in a quick and simple way.

Stoke Mandeville Stadium is offering a ‘data drop in’ service in conjunction with the product, where members of the community using the MYZONE physical activity belts can download their data. The stadium will also be incorporating MYZONE into gym classes and PT sessions, to allow more accurate group training and one to one mentoring.

Ian Seabrook, Business Development and Marketing Manager at Stoke Mandeville Stadium, commented: “Accurately monitoring our member’s activity levels is extremely important to us. The launch of the MYZONE scheme at Stoke Mandeville Stadium will provide our members with a hassle-free system, which we are confident, will help them to achieve their health and fitness goals.”

Ian continued: “The beauty of this new product is that people who prefer to stay active away from the gym can also get involved. Whether you enjoying regular walks, an active outdoor hobby or you’re a regular gym goer, the MYZONE belt offers a simple and effective way for all members of the community to monitor their fitness levels.”

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