Stoke Mandeville Stadium plays host to the Boccia Central Region Championships

Stoke Mandeville Stadium has hosted the one of ten regional Boccia competitions taking place this month across England. The competition saw four teams from the Central Region Championships competing as part of the Lord Tavener’s Under 19’s Boccia Programme.

Schools from 30 counties competed to qualify, and the successful four teams who contended were Buckingham Bee’s Boccia Team, Arbour Vale from Berkshire and two teams from Slated Row from Buckinghamshire The competition was only for under 19’s with physical disabilities, and the national finals will be held on the 21st March 2013.

The game is a non-contact driven sport that sees players utilise their skills to propel their set of coloured balls as close as possible to the white ‘jack’ ball. The distance between the balls then equates to points for the team. Originally created as a sport for people with severe cerebral palsy, Boccia can be enjoyed by all disabilities.

Results from the day are as follows: 1st place – Slated Row School A, 2nd place – Slated Row School B, 3rd place – Buckingham Bees, and 4th place – Arbour Vale.

Mary Johnson, Junior Boccia Development Manager, said: “It is great that the Lord’s Taverners are supporting Boccia England in giving opportunities for young people to play Boccia in a competitive environment.”

Ian Seabrook, Business Development Manager at Stoke Mandeville Stadium, said: “Boccia is a fantastic inclusive sport and we were very honoured to hold the Central Region Championships at Stoke Mandeville Stadium. We’re delighted that it was such a success, and would like to wish the successful competitors the best of luck in the national finals.”

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