Stoke Mandeville Stadium tally up the medal table

Stoke Mandeville Stadium, birthplace of the Paralympics, has recently tallied up the amount of medals that athletes and teams which had trained at the stadium in preparation for the London 2012 Paralympic Games had won – a staggering 41 medals in total.

Teams and athletes opted to train at the stadium to make use of its fantastic facilities, the high level of equipment and quality service. Out of the 41 medal winners, members of Team GB won 26 and overseas teams won 15 in total. The oversea’s teams included Paralympic Teams from Azerbaijan, Finland, Iceland, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Kimmo Mustonen, Chef de Mission of NPC Finland, said: “I’m very proud of my team’s success in the London 2012 Paralympic Games. In total, the athletes that trained at Stoke Mandeville Stadium finished with two gold medals, one bronze and three fourth finishes which is a fantastic sign for Rio 2016. We’d like to give big thanks for Stoke Mandeville Stadium – the staff provided us with the best facilities, lodging, transport and food during our training camps, which helped us tremendously when preparing for London 2012.”

Kimmo continued: “I’m sure that we will be visiting Stoke Mandeville Stadium again in the future, not just because of international competitions, but also for training camp purposes as we felt like they had a huge impact on the teams performance.”

Ian Seabrook, Business Development Manager at Stoke Mandeville Stadium, said: “It’s been a ground breaking year for sport and we’re thrilled to have been able to offer teams the opportunity to train here at Stoke Mandeville. We’re so proud to be the birthplace of the Paralympics and we’re even more proud to have been in the presence of great sports people that went on to win medals for their country.”

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