Sweet: Thorpe Park unveils 'Chocolate Coaster Challenge' teambuilding activity

The UK is a nation of chocolate lovers, eating an estimated 660,900 tonnes of chocolate a year. While milk chocolate isn’t good in large quantities increasing evidence suggests that dark chocolate has a range of health benefits. Aside from releasing endorphins which give people that feel good factor chocolate can also help fight fatigue and is good for the brain helping to boost concentration and alertness. Armed with this knowledge, Surrey venue, THORPE PARK has teamed up with Hartleys Events to produce a brand new chocolate based teambuilding activity: the ‘Chocolate Coaster Challenge’.

Jennifer Connery, Corporate Sales Manager, THORPE PARK said “We are delighted to work with Hartleys Events and launch our new Chocolate Coaster Challenge activity. Bespoke to THORPE PARK the activity takes chocolate making to a new level as teams are tasked with making rollercoasters based on the Parks thrilling rides including THE SWARM, Stealth and Colossus. It’s a challenging, fun and delicious activity designed to push creative thinking and strengthen teams.”

Paul Hartley, Managing Director, Chocolatier and Chef, Hartley Events said “There is a great fondness for chocolate and it’s at the heart of this fantastic teambuilding activity. The emphasis is on having fun all while working as a team; it will take a collaborative effort, effective communication and excellent time management to design and construct the chocolate coasters. Chocolate is a brilliant levelling tool as 99.9% of people have never worked with it let alone made a rollercoaster out of it!”

Using luxurious high quality dark chocolate, teams will design and create their very own rollercoaster, incorporating elements from the attractions notorious rides, made entirely out of the sweet stuff. The challenge, apart from trying not to devour all the chocolate before completing the build, is to design a rollercoaster which could work as a new feature ride at THORPE PARK.

An amusing chocolate icebreaker quiz begins the activity, followed by a piping task. An expert chocolatier then gives a short talk on chocolate ‘from the bean to the bar’ and shows teams how to temper and bond chocolate in order to construct sections of track including support beams, loops, twists and tunnels. Teams will need to use their creative flair and have a steady hand as they go head to head. A bit of structural engineering is advantageous, but not a must.

The sweet aroma of melting chocolate will have mouths watering and teams will need to pull together to ensure their rollercoaster is completed on time. Once points are awarded teams can then demolish their designs eating as they go or saving elements as souvenirs to eat later.

The delicious ‘Chocolate Coaster Challenge’ is now available at THORPE PARK for a minimum of 50 people. Prices start from £32 per person + VAT. Prizes and all equipment are supplied as part of the package.

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