The Enterprise Springs into Action

The Enterprise Hotel’s recent spring network lunch (Wednesday 6th April) once again brought together an interesting and inspirational group of people. The Enterprise network lunches are held on a quarterly basis for an exclusive group of attendees comprising event organisers, venues, suppliers and contractors.

Kripen Dhrona, The Enterprise’s marketing and sales manager explains, “Our original objective was simply to profile the Hotel to potential customers but the network gathering have evolved and we have discovered a whole range of unanticipated benefits.”

By offering potential clients the opportunity to network and socialise with their contemporaries, competitors and potential customers, The Enterprise regularly attracts high profile potential clients who would not normally have time to schedule venue visits but make networking and seeking out potential business leads a priority. The mutual benefits generated have established a solid network of new clients and loyal associates for The Enterprise.

Stephen Arthur of Event Express attended the spring event, he says, “Each time I have been invited I’ve been impressed with the calibre of attendees. I’ve established several very useful new connections and the lunches are always very enjoyable. Kripen has a knack of bringing together a great mix of people and of course the food is always excellent.”

The Enterprise Summer Networking Lunch is scheduled for 20th July – if you would like more information or would like to register to attend please contact Kripen Dhrona: Email, Tel 020 7373 4502 or visit

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