The National Motorcycle Museum installs high-speed internet connection

West Midlands venue, The National Motorcycle Museum has completed the installation of a dedicated fibre line for its conference internet access, which will provide speeds of up to 100Mbit/s on both downloads and uploads. 

The new high-speed internet connection will be of significant benefit to event organisers with large delegate numbers requiring a fast, reliable internet service for multiple devices, streaming high-definition (HD) video or conducting HD online presentations. With the latest Cisco hardware, bandwidth can be reserved for important applications and devices without compromising on the experience for other users.

The dedicated line means speeds are not shared and therefore will not slow during peak hours. Upload speeds are also significantly higher which is critical to the performance of HD video and high quality audio.  

Wireless internet is available in all conference suites, as are wired connections where required.  

Key benefits:
- Significant bandwidth available for a large number of simultaneous data connections from many devices
- Bandwidth protection and traffic shaping for important applications and devices
- Stream high-definition video
- Stream high quality audio
- Conduct high-definition webcasts (online presentations)
- High speed failover for redundancy

Technical details:
- Fibre connection
- Dedicated line with fixed bandwidth 1:1 (uncontended)
- Symmetric connection with 100Mbit/s download and 100Mbit/s upload
- Cisco network infrastructure: router, firewall, switches and access points
- High speed failover with up to 25Mbit/s download and up to 3Mbit/s upload

The National Motorcycle Museum is an award-winning conference venue that provides a truly unique space for your event. Breathtaking displays of literally hundreds of fully restored British motorcycles provide an extra attraction for your conference, seminar, banquet, training seminars or meeting room hire.

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