Village Kyoto launches a new concept in accommodation

A new concept in accommodation has arrived in Kyoto, Japan and it is proving to be an outstanding hit with visitors and conference delegates from around the world.

Village Kyoto is combining a traditional Ryokan inn, (in which you sleep on a futon on a tatami-matted floor), and a western style hotel complete with extensive amenities and luxuries. This fusion of ideas is the first in the country and provides an exciting new facility in the heart of Kyoto, the perfect location for business tourism as well as the incentive / corporate events market.

All guests’ rooms are in Japanese tatami style with sofa beds, optional mattresses and Japanese futon bedding available. The facility offers a wide range of amenities to clients including large separate men's and women's communal baths, toiletries and towels, air conditioning, large refrigerator, microwave oven, internet connection, business services, parking and complimentary boxed Japanese breakfast.

Junko Kashiwa of Village Kyoto says that she is delighted by the reaction of guests from all corners of the world.

“Japanese fusion restaurants are increasingly drawing crowds in New York, London and Bangkok and now the same innovative touch is available in Kyoto’s accommodation as well”

James Kent of the Kyoto Convention Bureau commented:

“The opening of Village Kyoto is real asset to the city and we are proud that it is the only one of its kind in the country. It shows once again how Kyoto is reinforcing its leadership in the industry. Village Kyoto took the risk that their concept would not please the traditionalists who like their Ryokan to be steeped in history. Instead they are offering a concept that no one else can offer. Village Kyoto is set to be popular with convention delegates plus those who travel with family or on a budget and wish to share because it offers its guest spacious and highly versatile rooms.”

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