Xavy launch B2B video platform for conference organisers

UK-based company Xavy has launched a B2B video platform that allows conference organisers to publish or monetise their video content. 

Xavy, founded by Mark Walker and Henry Embleton, is designed to provide a central destination where business professionals can access and learn from the best conference content filmed across the globe. The new platform will host video content at no cost, providing each event with a branded channel complete with links to Twitter handles, LinkedIn pages, website links, as well as a ’buy now’ button which allows the company to convert views of its video content into ticket sales for future events. 

Organisers using this new solution can choose whether their content is free to view, with a focus on building mindshare in their industry, or they can put up a paywall to generate extra revenue, with pricing at their discretion. 

Mark Walker, commented: "It has always frustrated me that there has not been an option to publish or monetise video content from conferences. We’ve launched Xavy to tackle this issue with the needs of the conference organiser squarely in mind."

Henry Embleton, adds: "The key to success is to ensure relevant content is easy for business professionals to find and watch. There is currently no single destination for business professionals to discover relevant aggregated video content. Xavy solves this and helps professionals across the world reap the benefits of great conference content."

Xavy already has 18 top-tier conferences signed up to use the service, including Clarion and Digital Shoreditch.

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