'Everybody wins' with video content for the web

Rewind back to 1976 and the world saw the launch of VHS, changing the face of the media. Fast forward to 2005 and the initiation of YouTube had a similar effect, bringing video to a new platform - the internet.

Ever since, the amount of video on the web has grown exponentially and more and more people are going online to access this content.

Recent data from the comScore Video Metrix service found that US internet users watched 16.8 billion online broadcasts during April this year, a 16 per cent rise since March.

Google sites accounted for the largest proportion of viewing, while 107.1 million people accessed 6.8 billion videos on YouTube.

The figures emphasise just how big the platform has become in the last few months and this is a trend that is being echoed in the events venue hire industry, with more and more marketers looking to get on board with this new technology.

Sean Mitchell, brand manager at Venues.org.uk, explains that while previously companies used straightforward static imagery or 360-degree virtual tours to promote their facilities, they are now switching to video.

Generally, there are two ways in which the footage is structured - either a tour around the building with a voiceover guide, or an advertorial-style piece covering an event with the delegates singing the praises of the venue and the owners themselves consolidating these comments with their own statements.

"From a company stand point, we think video is a great tool. People trust what they see and act on it. Our experience shows that venues using video showcases gain higher booking conversion rates." Mr Mitchell explains.

Events firms and venues are now uploading this type of content not only on their own website, but onto YouTube as well, he says.

"Not everybody actively markets themselves on YouTube, but it is becoming more and more popular as a medium," Mr Mitchell adds.

For the venues currently using this media, it is a case of creating a "shop window" - a way for them to sell their product without requiring the client to visit.

Creating video content has multiple benefits, as not only is it a great marketing tool for venues, but it also helps with search engine optimisation.

"What [Google] said way back is that content is king. That still holds true, but the delivery of that content has evolved. Now content in video format is seeing top rankings" Mr Mitchell explains.

"From the advertising point of view, the biggest benefit is that if you do this, Google rewards you for it … Everybody wins."

Mr Mitchell reveals that Venues.org.uk has managed to secure a deal with a production company, meaning that members of the online events directory can get a video made for £400, rather than having to pay upwards of £1,000 as they would usually.

In addition, the firm also turns around the content in 24 hours, so within a day the video is made and on the Venues.org.uk site. The finished product is also theirs to keep, so they can use it as an internal video or even package it as a DVD and send it out as a corporate promotion.

"It's something I think everyone in our industry has been talking about in the last few months and literally in the last two months it has taken off," says Mr Mitchell.

"I think you will find everybody, every site, that is to do with venues, will ultimately embrace video," he concludes.

To view the video that Venues.org.uk has had produced of its boardroom, follow this link

and click on the video tab.

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