London Canal Museum updates equipment list with new sound system

The London Canal Museum in King’s Cross has added a sound system to its equipment list so that the increasing number of customers who want to do their own thing as regards to music can hire equipment from the museum thus avoiding the cost of deliveries and collections, which can easily add 50% to the cost of equipment hire.

Museum Chair Martin Sach said, “More and more, customers wanted to use their own music player or laptop or a DJ who needs to hire equipment, and the cost of external hire with delivery and collection can be quite considerable. Lack of storage space has prevented us from offering this in the past but a review has led to some obsolete equipment being earmarked for space-saving disposal so we’re now able to provide a good sound system for

parties and all the DJ needs to bring is music on a laptop, or if there is no DJ, an MP3 player will do the job. We can offer the system at a much lower cost than the price of external hire because it is already in the building.”

The museum hosts around 20 weddings and other celebrations each year, taking advantage of the two floors and waterside location, and is exceptionally well booked for 2013 for the time of year. There is however still some availability this month for last-

minute Christmas parties and they are offering a special £500 off recession-busting deal for a corporate party on December 21st until midnight, including furniture, storage space, decorative lights and the new sound system at £1220 plus VAT.

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