London’s Most Prestigious Party Venues

London is the capital of the country and the top city for hosting many prestigious events. From red carpet events to arena shows and a fantastic nightclub scene, London is the most sought after place for hosting parties. While there is something to suit everyone and there are plenty of low key venues, London is known for its glamour and opulence and has a fantastic selection of prestigious party venues. If you’re looking to hire a venue for your party then take a look at our list of the most prestigious party venues in the capital city.


Chelsea Old Town Hall

You can tell from the entrance just how prestigious this venue is. With its red carpet and marbled entrance you will feel like a film star entering this building. Inside, the venue boasts opulent decor with chandeliers, oil paintings, marble columns and beautiful lighting and flooring. This stunning venue will have your guests in awe from the moment they walk up the steps.

Chelsea Old Town Hall is available for all sorts of events from parties and wedding receptions to fashion shows and concerts. It’s complete with a bar and an event manager who can ensure that your occasion runs smoothly from beginning to end.


Icetank Studios


Icetank Studios based in Covent Garden is a venue which reflects London’s modern, edgy and artistic character. This new build is super contemporary with modern furnishings all in bright white and your party takes centre stage against this blank canvas. This venue is perfect if you’re looking for something with elegance and class but it is unique and stands out amongst the rest. It is 2500 sq ft across two floors and is ideally suited for more small and intimate gatherings as it holds a total of 140 people for drinks and 50 for a sit down meal.


Primo Bar

If you want to experience the nightlife of London with a touch of elegance and class then look no further than the prestigious Primo Bar. The Primo Bar in Central London has a contemporary, exotic and sophisticated interior design with fantastic cocktails and live music which reflect the atmosphere of this bar. There is no better place to get a taste of London’s vibe and nightlife than the Primo Bar. Make this bar your party place all night long with all your friends as this venue has the capacity to hold up to 100 people.


The Waldorf Hilton

Hilton Hotels are one of the most iconic and prestigious hotel chains in London and the perfect place to host your event. The Waldorf Hilton in Aldwych has had a complete overhaul in recent years to make it into the stunning and prestigious building that it now is. Imagine champagne afternoon teas, private dining and dinner dances to celebrate your special occasion. If class and opulence is your style then bring your event to the wonderful Waldorf Hilton.


The Royal Horticultural Halls & Conference Centre

The Lindley Hall, part of The Royal Horticultural Halls & Conference Centre, is awe-inspiring and will ensure that your guests can never forget your party as the striking appearance of this venue makes it hard to forget. Its high glass-vaulted ceiling floods the entire room with natural daylight which can be easily blocked out to give the room a party atmosphere. The Lindley Hall is an iconic, sought after building located in Westminster and is hired out for a range of prestigious events such as fashion shows, parties and even presidential speeches! You don’t get much more prestigious than The Lindley Hall.


Hire One of The Most Prestigious Party Venues in London Today

These are just a handful of the party venues that London has to offer but which we think are the most atmospheric, vibrant, unique and prestigious of all. No matter which of our party venues in London you go for, it’s guaranteed that you will impress your guests and remember this night for years to come. If you’re having your party in London go all out and hire one of these prestigious venues via our website or call us on 0151 324 1707 for more information.






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